sobota, 1. februar 2020


There’s no denying that ankle (flat) boots are a wardrobe essential for every women. Honestly, they are my favorite style of shoes. When it comes to boot styles, flat ankle boots are by far the most versatile. You can pair them with any kind of skirt, shorts and pants, especially with jeans. Since the outfit is so basic, you could wear boots with a little more visual interest. They can be plain with a classic design. Or, some of them can even feature some embellishments, such as studs or chain to give you a more edgy look. These boots from Moon are a recent purchase, and I can’t stop wearing them. They are definitely a statement, but I love how edgy they are. I love to wear them with jeans combo. They both are classic and casual. The result always looks perfect for any occasions.  Black flat ankle boots can be found in different styles, so there is definitely a pair for everyone’s taste. What is your favorite way to wear black booties?

                                                      Moon boots / H&M top, blazer, baker hat, coat / Zara jeans

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