nedelja, 11. april 2021



Even when its your day off and you're lounging around in your sweats, why not do it with some style? Weekends for me are always filled with casual wear and lots of errands. This weekend I busted out my sneakers and my new favorite NIKE baseball cap. Baseball caps are one of the favorite accessories for the fashion bloggers this season. They add sophistication to any look.  To make sure I didn’t look too dressed down, I added this plaid blazer for a little contrast to my sporty basics. So much love for this outfit.I figured out this look when I was raiding my wardrobe and thought 'what is something that is airy enough to be worn in spring and warm enough to layer you up when it suddenly starts to blow? Something about this look makes me feel like one of the boys, which I've been wearing a lot of lately as I've been loving a more sporty look.

                                   Nike shoes, socks, cap / Champion joggers / H&M jumper, blazer / Parfois bag

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