torek, 25. junij 2019


 There is something about palm prints that I am such a sucker for! Slap that print on anything and I will buy it - clothes, accessories, bathing suits, blankets, you name it! Recently, I was shopping in ZARA and I also stopped at the men's department where this beautiful shirt was awaiting for me. I immediately grabbed it. This is the perfect shirt to wear in the summer, to a festival or on holiday. Just remember that if you're wearing any bold print, whether it be floral's or any other prints, you need to make sure you can tone it down with a basic pair of jeans or trousers. And yes! I'm shopping on the men's department, and in all these years, I got a lot of men's clothes in the closet. Note this - in the fashion world, women truly can have it all, so take on menswear basics and claim them as your own.  

                                                                            H&M jeans / Zara shirt and bag

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