četrtek, 10. oktober 2019


  It really isn’t a secret anymore that I love graphic tees especially if they relate to Disney movies. A few weeks back I have found this adorable t-shirt at C&A and have worn it a ton ever since. It is the perfect fan shirt and still fashionable. Also has anyone seen the real life Aladdin movie in the cinemas. We went the other night and loved it! The intense colors and all the details and the dancing and singing was awesome. It brought back a lot of fun childhood memories with all the fun songs. It’s crazy how even when you have not heard the songs in years, the lyrics just come back to you automatically. Aladdin was one of my favourite animated movies when I was a child, the magic carpet moment being one of the most romantic scenes Disney has ever created, don’t you think?  Which is why I was so excited when „A whole new world“ began.

                                H&M blazer and jeans / C&A T-shirt / MANGO bag / Daniel Wellington watch

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