nedelja, 17. maj 2020


Definitely loaded up on some new shoes this season. While I love boot season I have a major thing for sandals and espadrilles. I think by now you guys know that my style is a good mix of what’s comfortable and casual, and I love to rock a fun trend too. Shoes are often the best way to show your personal style since they can really add so much to a simple outfit. You all probably will agree that a platform sandal is just so cool to wear. I love my new stunning nude sandals from Moon. These are so unique – you HAVE to have them. They are straw material, so they’re super breathable and comfortable. I love the back heel strap so my foot doesn’t slide out. When it comes to planning spring outfits, I know that a pair of sandals and a straw bag can go a LONG way. There probably the only accessories you need. I personally love straw bags. They look clean and are refreshing. There is no doubt that you'll be able to throw these two spring accessories with all of your outfits and be set!

                                                                Moon sandals / New Yorker dress/ Zara straw bag

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