petek, 22. maj 2020


A simple gold necklace is a classic, timeless piece that will go with almost outfit. Whether it’s popular or not, gold never really goes out of fashion. If you love gold, embrace it. For example, a good way to accessorize your look is either to keep it chain-all-the-way or leave your necklace to be the statement of your outfit. Feel free to wear your favorite gold necklace with casual or chic outfits. In addition, you can mix and match them with other gold jewelry pieces such as rings, a delicate bracelet or even layer up your necklace with other necklaces for a fuller look. I also spice up my outfit with gold necklaces from The delicate gold necklace with initial stays with me 24/7, and it adds a personalized touch to all of my spring looks. Visit and play with all different types of jewelry to create a look as unique as you are. Add initials, other words of significance for a super personal look. For something more elegant, layer simple chains for a subtle, sexy look. Play with different lines, like horizontal bars or triangle shapes, for a visual contrast.

            Jewelry from
                                                                                      Photos by Nika Urh                                                                                                                                                        

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