sobota, 30. maj 2020


Okay for starters, how amazing is this floral print yellow dress from Wholesale boutique clothing? Trust me, I about fell in love with this thing. SO pretty and feminine and lovely. Usually, I’m on the hunt for the perfect fit or print. In my opinion this dress has both. The flattering fit and the pretty details really makes this dress a great buy for the season ahead. It's one of those pieces I can wear with sneakers or heels, plus I never feel restricted in it. I love the happy yellow shade of this dress. We all know yellow is my favorite color to wear, so this might be my favorite dress currently in my closet. Lately, floral dresses has been my uniform simply because they make me smile and happy as I feel very lady-like and comfortable in them. The bright and fun prints also brighten up my mood and day. Let me know which piece from Wholesale boutique clothing you like the most in the comments below.

                                               Wholesale boutique clothing dress / Zara bag / Converse snickers

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