ponedeljek, 14. september 2020


Soooo…biker shorts. I know what you’re thinking – I’ve thought the same thing. But biker shorts are here and after lots of internal debate, I’ve decided I’m a fan! Bike shorts trend is here to stay for a long time! I am all about this trend right now, because biker shorts are so comfy and practical to wear. Trust me, there is nothing sexier than a pair of cycling shorts paired with baggy sweatshirts, hoodies or blazers. A trend I’ve seen on many an influencer OOTD since last year. Turns out, back in 1995, people were already wearing bike shorts. But who looked the best in them? Princess Diana. If you're looking for a fun and interesting new way to update your wardrobe, bike shorts are the way to do it this year! Pro tip: when buying a pair of cycling shorts, it's a good idea to size down as the material does stretch quite a bit!  

                               Cunja biker shorts / Bershka lace up sandals / Mura vintage blazer / Zara T-shirt

četrtek, 06. avgust 2020


During the summer, shorts are an essential. I’ve been a fan of bermuda shorts for several years now because they are perfect if you are looking for a little more coverage! Who else is sick of thigh chafing and exposed bum cheeks? I’m loving the idea of pairing them with a slinky, sexy cami top and some strappy sandals for date night. But they work equally well with tank tops, t-shirts, blazers, and sneakers, so…. basically everything. They are a little boyish but you can always add as much girly vibe to it as you like. The great thing of these shorts is the DIY possibility, I mean, if you are bored of your old trousers, then you can cut them into bermudas with ease. I can't wait to cut some old jeans.

                                                     New Yorker blouse / H&M shorts / Daniel Wellington watch

sobota, 30. maj 2020


Okay for starters, how amazing is this floral print yellow dress from Wholesale boutique clothing? Trust me, I about fell in love with this thing. SO pretty and feminine and lovely. Usually, I’m on the hunt for the perfect fit or print. In my opinion this dress has both. The flattering fit and the pretty details really makes this dress a great buy for the season ahead. It's one of those pieces I can wear with sneakers or heels, plus I never feel restricted in it. I love the happy yellow shade of this dress. We all know yellow is my favorite color to wear, so this might be my favorite dress currently in my closet. Lately, floral dresses has been my uniform simply because they make me smile and happy as I feel very lady-like and comfortable in them. The bright and fun prints also brighten up my mood and day. Let me know which piece from Wholesale boutique clothing you like the most in the comments below.

                                               Wholesale boutique clothing dress / Zara bag / Converse snickers

petek, 22. maj 2020


A simple gold necklace is a classic, timeless piece that will go with almost outfit. Whether it’s popular or not, gold never really goes out of fashion. If you love gold, embrace it. For example, a good way to accessorize your look is either to keep it chain-all-the-way or leave your necklace to be the statement of your outfit. Feel free to wear your favorite gold necklace with casual or chic outfits. In addition, you can mix and match them with other gold jewelry pieces such as rings, a delicate bracelet or even layer up your necklace with other necklaces for a fuller look. I also spice up my outfit with gold necklaces from fatalka.si. The delicate gold necklace with initial stays with me 24/7, and it adds a personalized touch to all of my spring looks. Visit fatalka.si and play with all different types of jewelry to create a look as unique as you are. Add initials, other words of significance for a super personal look. For something more elegant, layer simple chains for a subtle, sexy look. Play with different lines, like horizontal bars or triangle shapes, for a visual contrast.

            Jewelry from Fatalka.si
                                                                                      Photos by Nika Urh                                                                                                                                                        

nedelja, 17. maj 2020


Definitely loaded up on some new shoes this season. While I love boot season I have a major thing for sandals and espadrilles. I think by now you guys know that my style is a good mix of what’s comfortable and casual, and I love to rock a fun trend too. Shoes are often the best way to show your personal style since they can really add so much to a simple outfit. You all probably will agree that a platform sandal is just so cool to wear. I love my new stunning nude sandals from Moon. These are so unique – you HAVE to have them. They are straw material, so they’re super breathable and comfortable. I love the back heel strap so my foot doesn’t slide out. When it comes to planning spring outfits, I know that a pair of sandals and a straw bag can go a LONG way. There probably the only accessories you need. I personally love straw bags. They look clean and are refreshing. There is no doubt that you'll be able to throw these two spring accessories with all of your outfits and be set!

                                                                Moon sandals / New Yorker dress/ Zara straw bag

četrtek, 19. marec 2020


                                                                      Jewelry from Tijn Homelife                                                                       Photos by Nika Urh 

sobota, 01. februar 2020


There’s no denying that ankle (flat) boots are a wardrobe essential for every women. Honestly, they are my favorite style of shoes. When it comes to boot styles, flat ankle boots are by far the most versatile. You can pair them with any kind of skirt, shorts and pants, especially with jeans. Since the outfit is so basic, you could wear boots with a little more visual interest. They can be plain with a classic design. Or, some of them can even feature some embellishments, such as studs or chain to give you a more edgy look. These boots from Moon are a recent purchase, and I can’t stop wearing them. They are definitely a statement, but I love how edgy they are. I love to wear them with jeans combo. They both are classic and casual. The result always looks perfect for any occasions.  Black flat ankle boots can be found in different styles, so there is definitely a pair for everyone’s taste. What is your favorite way to wear black booties?

                                                      Moon boots / H&M top, blazer, baker hat, coat / Zara jeans

petek, 03. januar 2020


When it’s cold outside there’s nothing more inviting than a cozy oversized knit sweaters. Well, oversized sweaters are extremely versatile, as you can add it to any outfit, and create your very special look. Try it on with skirts, skinny jeans, office style, shorts or with boyfriend jeans. I prefer to wear neutral color sweaters with classic blue wash jeans. Obsessed with this oversized sweater, not only because the color is perfect for winter but it’s extremely soft & cozy. But don’t forget  to step out of your comfort zone and put on some colorful accessories. I bought this beanie for a Where’s Waldo costume, but have loved it and been wearing it ever since! So, what do you think about my red beanie? Choose a bright-colored beanie to spice up your outfit and it will be an attention grabber. 

                                                                H&M knit, beanie / Bershka jeans / Parfois bag

sreda, 18. december 2019


Howdy! Forget about leopard print, snake print and zebra print. There is more fashionable print out on the field right now.  I'm talking about a cow pattern. Cow print is the unexpected trend of the season. It all started as a runway favourite during the AW18 catwalk show appearing at Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Tory Burch and Roberto Cavallo. If you love animal prints or are obsessed with the countryside aesthetic, then this is definitely one for you to try. I love how the brown-and-white combination works as a neutral, meaning it can easily be mixed with other prints and patterns. What are your thoughts on this print? Meghan Markle and I agree that this controversial trend is cool. It's cow or never.

                                              H&M  pants, jumper, scarf , boots / Zara coat / Parfois bag

nedelja, 15. december 2019


                                                                                  Photos by Nika Urh 

torek, 03. december 2019


Mesh, mesh, mesh. The mesh top trend has made a comeback last year and I think it’s here to stay. And why wouldn’t it? It has that delicate sexy vibe that few pieces do. I've been admiring these mesh tops for a while now, but I can't to encourage myself to wear them only with a bra. So I decided to try the mesh (organza) - puffed sleeves jumper first. I bought this beautiful jumper from Cunja.si. It was love at first sight! It complements perfectly my rocker chic style. The puffier the better? I think so in this situation. December is all about statement pieces and this jumper is definitely one of them. Having a puffed sleeves top in your closet makes it easy to play around and add interest to simple looks. I’d love to hear how you guys style your mesh tops and if you like this trend? 

                                                          H&M skirt, belt, baker hat / Cunja.si puffed jumper

nedelja, 10. november 2019


So what’s with the clear lens glasses trend? Nothing much, they’re just cool. Glasses turned into a fashion accessory and I am immensely happy about it, because I have always wanted to wear glasses, however strange it may sound. Just look at these bad boys! I love them, not because I would need them, but because I love what they add so much to my looks! Thank goodness these glasses are not just for decoration but have at least one good function. These glasses from TIJN eyewear brand come in blue light lenses to protect my eyes from future damage from phone and computer screens. But make a point, glasses are a fun accessory and blind people shouldn’t get offended by it. :)

                                 Bershka jeans / New Yorker T-shirt / Daniel Wellington watch / TIJN eyewear glasses